Vin Bon Brampton

The retail concept of selling imported grape juice for home winemaking originated with Vin Bon. Before Vin Bon came on the scene, Canadians wanting to make homemade wine bought grapes, squeezed them to extract the juice, and then strained out the solids – even before starting to make wine. Now, with Vin Bon, home wine creations have become easier and less time-consuming resulting in vastly superior wines by buying only the juice.

As Ontario’s largest make-your-own-wine retailer with over 30 years in the industry, it’s no wonder Vin Bon is the name you can rely on. Vin Bon not only sells the highest quality wine juice, we sell kits with all the basics you need to make and bottle your very own wine. Vin Bon is the only stop you need to make to create a vintage of the highest calibre that you’d be proud to serve family and friends.


Commitment to Quality

Vin Bon’s standards of uncompromising product quality, allows consumers to make wines which are superior in many ways to wines purchased at wine stores and liquor outlets. All at a fraction of the price and backed by our unconditional guarantee. Whether it’s wine made at home or wine made at your local Vin Bon, our customers can be assured of consistent, top-quality wine that they can enjoy with family and friends.

As the first to pioneer the home winemaking concept in Canada, Vin Bon was the first to take the toil and trouble out of making your own wine. Now it’s as simple as choosing your grape juice and deciding whether to nurture your vintage at home or at any one of our convenient locations.

At Vin Bon we realize some of life’s finest moments are shared in the company of loved ones over a glass of wine. To be part of moments such as these is nothing short of an honour and a privilege. From everyone here at Vin Bon, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of these times and we raise a toast to the future. Cheers.


Our Community

As a family owned and operated business we understand the importance of family and by extension, community. Which is why Vin Bon is proud to support a variety of community programs across the GTA and Peel Region.


Events and Sales

From time to time, as products and opportunities arise, Vin Bon receives selected products at discounted rate and passes them onto you. So check this page often for upcoming sales and community events.