Ultra Premium Wine Kits


Premium Kits

Vin Bon has made the complicated process of vinting your own wine simple. We’ve sourced hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, and winemaking professionals to bring to you what we believe is the finest winemaking kits in the world. Here you’ll find everything you need to create that perfect vintage. Assembled from our own experience and the advice of world renowned winemakers, this unique collection of premium kits makes producing wine exciting, inexpensive, and fun.

Specialty Wine Kits

Some times and event calls for something special. Presenting Great Vineyards Specialty Wines and their unique selection of Ice Wines. Made from grapes selectively harvested under the watchful eye of our experienced ice wine makers, Great Vineyards Specialty Wines continue the grand tradition of signature wines capable of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Bold ripe fruit flavours in a distinctively refreshing wine beverage. That’s what Great Vineyards Specialty Wine Kits bring to your table. Delightfully light and refreshing with exotic combinations that remind you of that hot summer destination, it takes you away with every sip.